Why most people get the ‘T’ in MTS wrong…

The Ministry Training Strategy (www.mts.com.au) is an awesome and much needed part of the Australian Christian landscape. But… most people think the ‘T’ in MTS is about being a Trainee… they think it’s the Ministry Trainee Strategy… and they’re wrong.

MTS is very keen on young men and women doing a two-year full-time hands-on word-ministry placement before further theological training and/or Pastoral Leadership roles. The MTS Movement wants to see thousands of people do these Traineeships. But MTS is not primarily about Trainees… the ‘T’ is MTS is really the Ministry Trainer Strategy.

MTS is about young men and women becoming Ministry Trainers – for the rest of their life.

Let me put this another way… if you were an MTSer and you’re not currently training (or recruiting) someone into full-time gospel-leadership… you’ve stopped being part of the Strategy, you’ve missed the point of MTS… that you’re never meant to leave, you’re never meant to stop calling others into full-time gospel-leadership. Your MTS involvement was never meant to end.

Are you a trainee who dropped out, or are you a trainer who’s still part of the strategy?


p.s. If you do want to get back on the Trainer “horse”, grab some keen Christians from your ministry and come along to the MTS Mission Minded Conference in Sept 11-13 2015.

2 thoughts on “Why most people get the ‘T’ in MTS wrong…

  1. In addtion the MTS hybrid is a partnership with Youthworks College/Timothy Partnership providing a MTS trainee the opportunity to get both hands on ministry experience combined with Theological training. A MTS hybrid trainee can complete a Diploma of Theology in Two years either face to face with Youthworks College or through distance learning with the Timothy Partnership (timothypartnership.com.au). This is an excellent program for those who learn through both practical and theorotical training method. It is especially beneficial for both the trainee and the local church to keep minsitry minded people in the local church without having to go to a major city to study theology. Blessings

    • Thanks Ross, but those guys can still make this same mistake.
      Whether they do the hybrid or the traditional one, they are meant to come out as Trainers… Recruiting the next generation of gospel workers.

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