The best way to help MTSers develop self-assessment habits

Just one question, asked again and again… “Why?”

“When you did that lesson, why did you do it that way?”, “Why did you talk to him rather than her?”, “Why did you sit there?”, “Why did you change your plans?”, “Why didn’t you change your plans?”, “Why do you think you’re feeling low?”, etc.
Everything a trainee does, regardless of whether it went well or poorly, can be brought back to the question, “Why?”
In fact it’s especially important to ask when things go well. You’d be surprised the amount of un-Christian, un-reasoned “that’s just the way we always did it” that goes on!

How do you know if they’re doing it with gospel motivations and values? You need to ask them “Why?”

Keep letting young eagles fly

This is a a great description of a really important principle. The phrase comes from Larry Osborne’s Sticky Teams. It’s the idea that young men (and women) are some of your most energetic, enthusiastic, inventive, risk-taking individuals around.
So let them fly! Let them go! Give them big responsibilities! Let them run the camp, mc church, start a new thing, preach a series, run a mission!
Sure… Most of the time they won’t do as good a job as someone who’s had some more experience at it. And sure, we don’t give these huge things to recent converts. But this is what will happen…
1. Every so often, they will do a better job than everyone else. It will set a new bar to aim for. They’ll break through some barrier and help you grow.
2. They will grow even more thru the experience. Your church will be a more mature bunch of people simply because you gave that guy the chance to have a go.
Think back to when you started in ministry… Would you have given those responsibilities to yourself??? But aren’t you a more mature Christian now because someone let you have a big paddock to play in?