Keep letting young eagles fly

This is a a great description of a really important principle. The phrase comes from Larry Osborne’s Sticky Teams. It’s the idea that young men (and women) are some of your most energetic, enthusiastic, inventive, risk-taking individuals around.
So let them fly! Let them go! Give them big responsibilities! Let them run the camp, mc church, start a new thing, preach a series, run a mission!
Sure… Most of the time they won’t do as good a job as someone who’s had some more experience at it. And sure, we don’t give these huge things to recent converts. But this is what will happen…
1. Every so often, they will do a better job than everyone else. It will set a new bar to aim for. They’ll break through some barrier and help you grow.
2. They will grow even more thru the experience. Your church will be a more mature bunch of people simply because you gave that guy the chance to have a go.
Think back to when you started in ministry… Would you have given those responsibilities to yourself??? But aren’t you a more mature Christian now because someone let you have a big paddock to play in?

One thought on “Keep letting young eagles fly

  1. jamestollefson says:

    Speaking as a young veteran who often feels that the most important part of my life is over and that maybe nothing really matters anymore, I deeply appreciate your words. For me personally, being given an opportunity to do something big gives me hope that there is still something really worthwhile left out there in the world for me to do – something more noble and of greater eternal significance than taking the lives of this country’s foes. Remember your words here the next time you meet some young soldier who is looking for a chance to shine. I’m pretty confident he (or she) won’t disappoint. Great post. Thanks for writing it.

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