The 2 types of new people… On my terms or your terms

As you welcome new people to church, one (of the many) things to be aware of is how willing they are to join church on church’s terms or on their own terms.
The person who comes to church on their own terms is the one who is overly wary of filling in a feedback form, overly cautious about being invited to a lunch, overly suspicious about being invited to think about joining a group. They aren’t willing to be part of the church family on the church family terms. They want to work out their own unique way of being part of it… or not being part of it. This CAN be for good reasons, however it’s sadly usually because they think themselves too important to ever do what normal people do. They think they need special treatment. Ironically, they do… They especially need to be encouraged to repent of pride.
On the other hand, other people come to church on church’s terms. They are willing to be led by the hand and helped into church, into the church family.

When “don’t trust in yourself” is bad advice

At one level, of course it’s right. We trust God alone to effect change and give growth and value to all that we do.
But for that very same reason it can be bad advice. Because didn’t the God who you trust make you? And not just make you as a blank page, but he – by the power of his Spirit has given you gifts for the good of his church? That is, when you use your gifts, your talents, your particularities to serve God, aren’t you trusting in his goodness in that very work?
What do you have that you did not receive? If then you received it, why do you boast as if you did not receive it? 1Cor 4:7″
This is a great truth — not only to refute those who were boasting, but also to encourage those who shy away from using their gifts in some vain desire to avoid “trusting in themselves”. You have the gift from god, you received it. It’s not actually yours!
So, trust in your God given ability to make something happen, giving thanksgiving in your heart to God.