Reblog: Christians can learn from the corporate world because…

Jesus is sovereign over everything.
Imagine a Christian working in sales. They meet a potential buyer, they make a call, they arrange a meeting, the do a sales pitch. They really want to make a sale. They’re honest and godly as they do it. They even pray about it – don’t they?
Would you encourage someone to ask for God’s help to “make a sale”? Why not? Isn’t God just as involved in the buyer’s decision to purchase an appliance as he is in a sinner’s decision to come to a gospel event?
A robust sense of God’s sovereignty means that God’s involved in everything. Every decision that every person makes. God’s in it. Its part of God’s plan. Nothing happens without his appointment.
So what’s the point?
Maybe we’d see how much the corporate or non-christian world has to offer us in thinking about reaching people, if we reflected on how much God is involved in that world?

Reblog: Do you use “# of conversions” when assessing a program?

I’ve spoken to some people who think we shouldn’t use “# of conversions” when reviewing a project or program they’ve run. They’ll say something like; “conversion is God’s work”, or “we don’t have any control over that”. And on that basis they consider it inappropriate to use metrics like conversions.
But isn’t God sovereign over all things? Over every metric you could possibly use?
What about, “How many people invited friends”… Isn’t God just as sovereign over that too?
What about, “How many people grew in their confidence?”… Again, that’s God at work.
I think the real reason some people don’t like using metrics for assessments is because of how they see people use them badly. But let’s be clear, that’s not a problem with using metrics, that’s a problem with people who use metrics badly.

You can’t do it, only God can

So just have a go. Why not?! Why not be bold? Why not put it out there? Why not say what you think will help/encourage/build-up/strengthen/correct/etc…? Why stop from saying something that God could use to help people.

That’s just it you see… God uses people. Not great people, not always skilled people, just his people. There’s nothing to make you think that he WON’T use you. NOTHING!!!!

But what about… NO! That (whatever that is) doesn’t mean he can’t use YOU. There’s nothing about you that makes God go “uhh… no, I’m not using you!” (assuming you’re a Christian).

Except for one thing…

There is one thing that will mean God won’t use you…

When you don’t have a go. When you don’t act in love. When you don’t say the hard word, the loving word. When you don’t just give them a call.

God won’t use you, when you don’t trust him enough to act.

So go on, have a go!