Av. idea executed well VS. an excellent idea with av. execution?

You have to work out what you’re happy with. And you can’t treat every scenario the same.
If you never do anything, waiting for the perfect idea to come along, you’ll never do anything. Sometimes it’s just better to run what you’ve got as best as you can. Execute the av. idea with all your might.
Other times, you might be better of working on your idea, changing the system, and let it go – even if it’s not all perfectly ready. The av. execution of a great idea might be much better than keeping doing things the old way.
For example, a video ad for one event might just get away with being av. However, go another type of event an av. video ad might turn people away.
Choose which scenario your happy with first, and then go ahead.

#MinistryExercises : The Blank Page

This is one of the exercises we get our MTSers (and staff) to do every 6 months or so. All you need is a blank page (better if there are no lines on it) and a pen.
Then you think about your ministry… starting at either the whole church, or the whole city/town, or the people that you’re directly involved with. (Note: Never start with a Structure like “Sunday Church” or “Simply Christianity” or “Growth Groups” – That will stifle your creativity because you’ll be trying to fit things into your current ideas)
Then you write down everything that comes to mind. People’s names, current structures, your prayers for the whole, sins that you see happening, the future, the past, anything. Keep at it for 20mins at least.
Note: We’ve found that some staff can’t do this on their own, and they need to do it with someone else to keep them thinking about the one area. This can be a really good exercise to do with a member of church!
Then… wait for the ideas to formulate.
This type of exercise helps you see opportunities that are right in front of your face, but would never have noticed before.