Maybe it’s better to ask “Why did you become a Christian?”

Hearing Christian testimonies is great, and remindsĀ us that every Christian is a converted Christian. But I wonder if we often frame them in the wrong way by asking HOW did you become a Christian.

There’s nothing wrong with this! But If that’s the only question we ever use, it could lead to giving the impression that WE do something to become a Christian. responses usually go… “I started doing this, then I went along to this thing, and I accepted the reality of who Jesus is…” All good!

But how would it change if we preferred to ask people “Why did you become a Christian?”

I wonder if the responses we’d get would be more along the lines of how God did this and God did that. There’s always going to be a (right) description of what things we did along the way. But I wonder if it would push people in thinking not only about why they became Christian, but, maybe more importantly, why they are still Christian.