Maybe it’s better to ask “Why did you become a Christian?”

Hearing Christian testimonies is great, and reminds us that every Christian is a converted Christian. But I wonder if we often frame them in the wrong way by asking HOW did you become a Christian.

There’s nothing wrong with this! But If that’s the only question we ever use, it could lead to giving the impression that WE do something to become a Christian. responses usually go… “I started doing this, then I went along to this thing, and I accepted the reality of who Jesus is…” All good!

But how would it change if we preferred to ask people “Why did you become a Christian?”

I wonder if the responses we’d get would be more along the lines of how God did this and God did that. There’s always going to be a (right) description of what things we did along the way. But I wonder if it would push people in thinking not only about why they became Christian, but, maybe more importantly, why they are still Christian.

One thought on “Maybe it’s better to ask “Why did you become a Christian?”

  1. Tara Sing says:

    I also often ask people who have been a Christian for 5 or more years “Why are you still a Christian?” – I’ve found that this often helps people to point to unchanging truths of the Bible and highlight an aspect of God that they love :)

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