Giving good news might be fun, but…

Giving good news in person is fun, but giving bad news in person is important

Andy Stanley mentioned this in his brilliant podcast (here)

It makes lots of sense, and its really hard to do. But that’s why it needs to be said.

If you’ve decided to make a massive change in your plans as a leader, and people have banked on your previous plans; don’t send an email, say it in person.

If something significant has happened in your church and people are going to feel hurt or confused, say it in person.


No one brags about subverting a community they care about, because your peers will ostracize you (and why would you hurt a group that you are part of?). No, we feed the community first, then we take our share.

On the other hand, we often return a rental car unwashed, or turn a blind eye to someone sneaking into the movies, or fail to report a mistake in our favor by the credit card company. That’s because those institutions are apart from us, not a part of us.

Such wisdom you wish Christians had… from Seth Godin