When is it ok to NOT read the bible?

Ok, shaky ground here. I’m just throwing around ideas – might change my mind tomorrow… who knows.

If you’re in Christian leadership, and you’re part of a small team, you’ll want to be reading the bible with everyone you meet. That’s a really important thing; it models sola scripture and the philosophy of biblical ministry.

But if you’re part of a large team, and there’s a good culture of bible reading in your ministry, do you need to – as much?

Say you catch up with one of the guys who’s helping with youth group. He’s in a Growth Group, the Youth Pastor’s meeting up with him 1:1, he’s regular at church, etc… I’m not sure that cramming in 30mins of bible time is going to be that effective.

Especially if you’re going to ask him to take on an extra responsibility from your plate. If you’re going to delegate, that takes LOTS of time, lots of conversations, lots of back and forth. (S2 – S3 Leadership Styles)

Don’t NEVER open the bible. A pastor’s heart will always end up taking people back to the scriptures, so expect to land there. But don’t get too caught up in having to do it all the time, if they already are.