Dual church membership #2 – Why nothing

So why isn’t there anything in the bible about dual church membership?

Well most of the churches were made up of the ONLY Christians in that area. There was THE church in Ephesus, THE church in Corinth, etc. They didn’t have multiple churches in these cities, they had one group of people, one group of elders… even if they did meet in separate homes… they had one group of common leaders.

Why is this important?

This is important because it defines the normal. It’s the normal Christian way to be part of a local church; to have leaders that you sit under their teaching; to have a fellowship you love and serve. That’s how Jesus has designed his people to live together.

If you have Jesus as your lord, you’re designed to be part of a fellowship.

So, can you be part of two of those fellowships? Does that even happen in the New Testament?