Reblog – Don’t confuse your church-support-network for your church-organisational-hierarchy

Christian brothers and sisters should invest relationally by encouraging each other, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking these “lines of encouragement” should be the organisational shape of your church.

Why? Because it leads to Catholic hierarchal pope-ism. It leads to thinking that this person who reads the bible with me and prays with me, he must be my authority in the church. But he’s not, he’s just a brother who reads the bible and prays with you – that’s what Christian brothers are meant to do to each other.

He might also be in authority over you in the church, and that might mean he’s great at encouraging you (as all those in authority in the church should be). But the two are complementary, not compulsory.
In Acts 2-3 there were 5000 Christians, and 12 in “authority”. Yet they all encouraged each other.